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We (our i cachr team) have professional skills and experiences regarding team building events and development in teams. During our studies “development of competencies” at the University Leipzig/ Germany, we had the chance to experience fields like outdoor pedagogy and team building, adult education, acquisition of competencies and the group dynamic process. Moreover, we guided several works outings and team building events in Germany based on Geocaching. We believe that especially GPS Tour Challenges are a great benefit for teams. It encourages people to improve their communication skills other important competences and soft skills. Furthermore, a GPS challenge full fills the importance of corporate experiences for a team.

Looking for an original and modern teambuilding event in Málaga? Here you do the right thing at the right place!

Whats better than going on a City Treasure Hunt when it comes to the development of soft skills and teamwork?! During the approx. 3 hours Treasure Hunt Tour in Málaga the group will be split into teams of 5-6 persons. Each team gets equipped with the treasure hunting material, a modern GPS device and a treasure book, which contains the tasks and interesting facts about the stations the teams go to. Together they solve challenging riddles and look for hidden clues to finally find the secret treasure of Málaga. Besides the groups get the additional benefit of exploring the highlights on and off the beaten tracks of Málaga.

During the whole tour our event guide is availible by a simple mobile phone we hand out to each group in the beginning of the tour introduction.

The teambuilding treasure hunt ends with a short award ceremony at the final destination.

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