Terms and Conditions

of i cachr Málaga, valid for all brands and areas of i cachr Málaga. Amended on 19.04.2016:


Dear customer, thank you for your interest in our events and for your confidence in our professional experience. In order to protect the interests of both sides in the case of doubt we established our terms and conditions. To avoid getting lost in “the small print” we try to focus and regulate just the important aspects. In our opinion all stated regulations are fair, realistic and practicable. In case of further questions or doubts don’t hesitate to contact us. Please read the terms and conditions carefully before booking our service. We looking forward to meet you here in Málaga in one of our i cachr events




1.1 Participation in our events is at your own risk. Any liability of the organizer or staff members for personal injury and/or damage is excluded. This paragraph does not apply in case of intent or gross negligence. Furthermore we recommend to not bring along expensive or sensitive items. i cachr Málaga rejects al liability for theft, damage or other loss for objects brought along by costumers.


1.2 Your safety is our top priority! However, each participant has be aware of and agrees that outdoor events can include an element of risk. You will be navigating yourself on public spaces where accidents can happen. In that case neither i cachr Málaga nor the staff can be blamed. Each participant is aware of the fact of participating in an adventure activity that can not provide the comfort and security of an conventional package. Each participant guarantees to fulfil the necessary mental and physical conditions for the selected tour as stated in terms and conditions. Medication, alcohol or drugs can interfere your participation and can lead to exclusion of the event.



Please note beforehand: Possible changes to your booking can solely be made via e-mail. In doubt agreements made via phone call are not sufficient!




2.1 Changes of the number of participants are free of charge up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled start.


2.2 However, an increase in the original number of participants is subject to the existing availability


2.3 Changes of the date of the event are possible up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled start and subject to the existing availability. In that case a processing fee of 10,- Euro is charged.


2.4 The invoice is issued immediately after the booking. The maturity is up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled start


2.5 Cash payments just before the start of the event can lead to waiting time up to 30 minutes. In that case priority is given to customers who paid previously. These have to be accepted by the customer.




Please note beforehand: Possible changes to your booking can solely be made via e-mail. In doubt agreements made via phone call are not sufficient!


3.1 Cancellation of the reservation with a full refund can be made up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled start.


3.2 A later cancellation is charged with a penalty of 25,- Euro.




4.1 Please ensure a punctual arrival. Otherwise we can not guarantee to hold you event. There is no refund for events which did not take place because of delayed arrival



5.1 While booking please enter the correct address for the invoice if desired. Any later change in the invoice are charged with a precessing fee of 10,- Euro per operation.


5.2 The invoice is issued immediately after the booking. See section 2.


5.3 The maturity is up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled start.


Protection of the environment

6.1 As organizer of the events we deeply appreciate an environmental friendly behaviour of our customers. Please dispose your garbage in the trash cans. Disturbances and physical impairment of flora, fauna and fellows are to be omitted. In case of contravention staff member are entitled to call of the event or to exclude the corresponding participant.


Image rights


7.1 i cachr Málaga is entitled to use photos and video recordings created by staff members during the event for later commercial purposes. The same goes for photo or video material provided voluntarily by participants. This rule does not apply in case of your explicit disagreement


Rental Material


8.1 You are responsible for the proper handling of the rented equipment! Please handle the material with care and caution. For the loss or damage caused by improper or careless use you will be charged after the event.


Force majeure:


9.1. Our events take place even in adverse weather conditions. The event is not cancelled under any circumstances due to rain or worse conditions.


9.2. The event can be cancelled and rescheduled by the organizer in case of official orders, closure of relevant city areas due to large-scale events, demonstrations and festivals etc.


9.3. Severe weather warning: In case of an official weather warning (red) of the Spanish meteorological service AEMET http://www.aemet.es for the scheduled starting time of the event, the event will not start due to safety reasons.


9.4 Waiting time: One hour of waiting time after the scheduled start time has to be accepted by costumer as the weather situation usually gets better quickly and official warnings are cancelled.


9.5 Postponement: If the official warning persists an hour after the scheduled start time the event will be rescheduled at a later date or the customer will receive a full refund.


9.6 Refunds: Additional expenses incurred by the customer will not be refunded.


General rules


10.1 All events are designed free of obstacles. Please don’t climb on any walls, fences or other obstacles. Please respect the property of third parties and adhere to the Spanish traffic regulations. See section 1.1.


10.2 Alcohol :The consumption of alcohol may be a problem. See section 1.2.


With your booking you agree to take the responsibility for the proper execution of your event i. e.:

  • While giving the introduction to the game and equipment, make sure that the guide has the full attention of your group.
  • If the participants alcoholize during the event to an extent that they pose a threat to themselves or other fellows, theses participants can be excluded from the event.
  • The same goes for public nuisance


Violation may lead to termination of the event. Our staff has the full power to make decisions. A refund of the event price or other related costs is excluded.


Please provide a conscientious handling of this issue!


Final provision


The invalidity of any section of the terms and conditions does not invalidate the entire contract. The parties shall replace the invalid clause by one which is appropriate for both sides. Jurisdiction is in all cases Málaga.


Matthias Kriebel

i cachr Málaga

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29015 Málaga



Phone: 0034-695-362-196