Frequently asked questions

Where can I buy a ticket for the tour?

You can buy the tickets online (paypal, credit card) or do a reservation by phone or e-mail.


Where is the meeting point?

Our adventure guide welcomes you at the fountaion of the Plaza de la Constitución at the end of Calle Larios (a 3 minute walk from the tourist information at Plaza de la Marina)


How much do we have to walk during the tour?

You will walk about 5km, so you don´t have to be afraid of long distances. You´ll have enough time to take breaks and wander the streets of Málaga.


What is included in the tour?
The 3-4hour city tour includes an Event - Guide (multilingual: German/ English), a i cachr bag which contains all the treasure hunting material, like the treasure book, the golden GPS compass and some fun gadgets, a bottle of water and the treasure.


Where does the tour start and where does it end?
You ́ll meet your event guide at the Plaza de la Constitución in Málaga, close to the tourist office. It ends at the final point where you find your treasure, which is also situated directly in the city centre.


How many people are on the tour?
The i cachr Málaga City Tour is a private tour. In the beginning at the meeting point, there may be other groups, to get the instruction and the material to start the tour. During the tour you are on your own. If there are more groups you will discover the city in different routes, so you just meet at the first and maybe at the final point.


Will i see all mature points of interest during the tour?
Of course you ́ll see all mature points and top sights of Málaga - this is a city tour, so we make sure that you get a good introduction about the city, as well as the time to see all places of interest. To name some: Alcazaba, Plaza Merced, Mercado Central, Cathedral, Harbour Area, Park Area, Teatro Cervantes and many more.


How much time do we have to look around and make pictures?
The duration of the tour is between 3-4hours, which means that you can decide if you want to spend 4hours or less. The riddles and tasks are not time-consuming, so you ́ll have enough time to look around and explore each station, or even have a coffee or ice cream. You don ́t have to hurry, especially if you are a family with kids, we are flexible if you want to take more time.


What is the task of the event guide? How do we stay in contact?
The event guide meets you at the meeting point and introduces you to the tour and the material you get (about 15min). You get a i cachr mobile phone from us, so you can stay in contact with the guide during the tour, if you have any questions or problems. You ́ll meet the guide at one or another station. At the end of the tour the event guide picks you up with the treasure and gives you some personalized insider information for your holidays in Málaga (we prepared a flyer with a few suggestions we want to share with you, based on our favourite places and things to do/ eat in Málaga).


In which language is the tour provided?


Are we really looking for a treasure? What is the treasure?
Yes, the tour combines a classic city tour with treasure hunting elements (golden GPS compass, treasure book, treasure hunting material). During your exciting tour, you ́ll discover Málaga, you ́ll solve fun riddles and tasks to find some hints, which lead you to the final station and the mysterious treasure. The treasure is a little secret by now, so come and find out more...


How difficult are the riddles and tasks, do we need the internet to solve them?
You don ́t need external aids, like the internet and you don ́t have to ask other people to fulfil your tasks. They all just require some treasure hunting skills (from childhood), creativity, open eyes and healthy logical thinking.

What is a GPS Device?
The GPS Device is a modern compass, which also looks like a compass. It is easy to handle and contains all the stations you are going to explore. It leads you easily from one station to another. You just have to follow the arrow. The GPS Device makes sure, that your City Tour fits your needs of speed. You don ́t have to hurry because you do not have to follow a guide and a big group of tourists.


What is a Treasure - Book?
The treasure book (A5) contains all the stations you ́ll explore during your tour. Every double page contains a station and provides some interesting facts, know how about the culture and insider tips, based on our experiences. The right page of the treasure book always contains the task or riddle you have to resolve at this particular station to get the next hint.


Is the Tour suitable for me, if i want to learn deeply detailed information about the history and architecture of the historic city centre?
With our tour we want so make sure that you get to know the flair and some interesting facts about Málaga in the most comfortable and personalized way. This tour contains a lot of time for the tourists to just enjoy the places, the compass leads them to, to take photos or have a coffee without the rush of following a umbrella guide and a big group of tourists. We give tourists the opportunity to get to know Málaga in a fun and interactive way. We don ́t offer a deeply detailed educational tour about history and architecture.


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