Our regular Málaga city tour runs daily at 10 a.m (except Tuesday and Wednesday). It is also possible to arrange other times in case our regular schedules are not convenient for you.

What will we experience, taking part in a City Tour Málaga with i cachr?

You will explore 12 beautiful and exciting places of Malaga in your private group. At the beginning of the Málaga City Tour our Event guide welcomes you with a short introduction, equips you with the i cachr treasure hunting bag. That contains a modern compass, a treasure book and some other fun gadgets for you to become real city treasure hunters. After doing one station together with our Event Guide you are independently on your own.

At each station you have to solve a small riddle or a playful task to collect some clues that will lead you to the final station of your City Tour, where you will find a lovely treasure. The riddles and tasks are not time-consuming, so you ́ll have enough time to look around and explore each place the treasure book leads you.

At the end of the Málaga City Tour you ́ll arrive at the final station where your lovely treasure and your english speaking Event Guide are already waiting for you.

Can we get lost?

No! It is impossible that you get lost, you just have to follow the arrow of your GPS compass and enjoy discovering beautiful Málaga. We will equip you with a vintage mobile phone, which contains the number of our guide, so you can stay in contact, if you have any questions or problems. Anyway, you ́ll meet our event guide at one or another station...

What is a GPS compass?

The GPS Device is a modern compass, which also looks like a compass. It is easy to handle and contains all the stations you are going to explore. It leads you easily from one station to another.You just have to follow the arrow. The GPS Device makes sure, that you don ́t get lost and meanwhile you have the freedom to stop, look around and use your time flexible. You don ́t have to hurry becauseyou do not have to follow a guide and a big group of tourists.

What is a Treasure – Book?

The treasure book (A5) contains all the stations you ́ll explore during your City Tour in Málaga. Every double page of this lovely designed little book contains a station. The left page always provides some interesting facts, know how about the culture and insider tips about Málaga, based on our experiences. The right page of the treasure book always contains the next task or riddle you have to resolve at this particular station to get the next hint.

Regular tours run daily at 10 a.m (except Tuesday and Wednesday)

It is also possible to arrange other times in case our regular schedules are not convenient for you

Price p.p.*


For i cachr Families**
Special Family Price:

Kids Tour Málaga




Adults 25€
Students 20€
Duration approx. 3 ½




  • i cachr jute-bag
  • bottle of water
  • geocaching material


*Taxes included

**families: 2 adults with kids under the age of 16

meeting point

Our meeting point is located at the Plaza de la Constitución, next to the famous shopping street Calle Larios where our professional adventure guide welcomes you next to the fountain.


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